If you're facing overwhelming circumstances, such as an unexpected loss, deep frustration with God, or a series of difficult challenges, it's only natural to have doubts, worries, and struggles. Your heart longs to find a way back to confidence in God but it seems elusive right now. What can you do to regain that trust and renew your relationship with Him when life falls apart?

Below are four keys to help you build trust and confidence in God during dark times:

  1. Remember His truth
  2. Practice spiritual disciplines
  3. Open your heart and mind
  4. Connect with other believers

As you go through these steps, God's presence will become more real to you, healing your wounds and restoring your faith.

1. Remember His Truth

The first step is to recall the fundamentals of your faith which serve as rock-solid foundations amidst life's storms. For example, God's eternal love for you (John 3:16), His desire to be by your side in everything (Deuteronomy 31:6), your privilege of approaching Him anytime through Jesus Christ (Hebrews 7:25), and promises of His abundant provision and protection (Psalm 91).

These truths lay a strong base for you to stand on while uncertainty brews around you. And even if you struggle to remember them, God's word remains steadfast, never changing—you can always go back to His Word to find comfort and solace.

2. Practice Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines help you keep focused on your relationship with God despite challenges. These include prayer, meditation on Scripture, fasting, giving generously, serving others, and solitude. Regularly partaking in these practices fortifies your spiritual muscle and makes you less susceptible to doubt and fear.

In uncertain times, you may need to dig deeper into these routines than usual. If you don't have established disciplines yet, begin with simple actions such as praying each morning or evening, reflecting on Bible verses or reading Christian books for inspiration.

3. Open Your Heart and Mind

Throughout this journye of regaining trust in God, try your best not to give up, though feelings of disconnection from Him may linger. If you feel distant from Him or struggle with anger or bitterness against life situations, it's important to acknowledge these feelings rather than suppress them.

Share your hurt with God in prayer—express your emotions honestly without feeling guilty. God understands your pain and meets you where you are. In time, as you humbly open your heart and mind to Him, your spirit will grow tender and sensitive to His guidance once again.

4. Connect With Other Believers

During challenging times, it becomes increasingly vital to surround yourself with fellow Christians who will offer support, empathize with your situation, pray with you, give wise counsel, and lift you up with their own stories of faith. Engage with Christian online communities or attend in-person fellowships (when safe) to create this support network.

Leanibg on one another helps keep us all grounded. Sharing your troubles with like-minded individuals strengthens your faith, knowing that you are not alone in your walk with God.


Regaining confidence in God when life falls apart can be a painful but ultimately rewarding process. By remembering His truths, practicing spiritual disciplines, opening your heart and mind to His presence, and connecting with other believers, you are likely to restore your trust in Him step by step.

As you embark on this journey of healing your faith, know that God walks this path alongside you every step of the way, eagerly wanting to rekindle your trust as you seek Him again.